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Pro Model Making DVD
MORAV Graphic Novel

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Introduction to Professional Model Making with Fon Davis



MORAV: The History of Robitic Warfare


A professional model maker is like a magician, they have secret tricks of the trade that aren’t often revealed. Fon Davis would like to share with you many of the tricks, techniques and materials he has become familiar with over his long career as a designer and model maker. 

Fon Davis has worked in motion pictures, television and product development for over two decades. This video has been created to share the benefit of his experience with both the hobbyist andthose interested in a career in model making.  We hope this is the first of many educational videos covering different areas of design, visual effects, model making and creature fabrication. Thank you for your support in our effort to preserve this art for
future generations.

This set contains 2 DVDs with over 4 hours of fabrication using a space craft model to demonstrate the following: 

Concept model design - scoring and cutting plastic - model armatures - Kit bashing and detailing - carving patterns - painting and weathering - vacuum forming - miniature lighting




MORAV: The History of Robitic Warfare is a 160 page full color softcover graphic novel. This first installment in what will become a series of MORAV tales chronicles the earliest days of giant robotic warfare. We are introduced to Lt. Michael Okeda, a cocky fighter pilot who is thrust into a daunting new world of armed conflict, where he and his fellow soldiers must fight for their lives.

MORAV Graphic Novel Team

Creator - Fon Davis
Scripts - M. Zachary Sherman
Pencils - Budi Setiawan
Inks - James Taylor
Color - J. Brown
Letters - Sean Konot

Front Cover - Marc Gabbana
Introduction - Doug Chiang
Chapter Covers - Emmanuel Shiu - Roel Robles - Brian Matyas - Lei Jin - Greg Knight - Paul Hamblin
Additional Art - Alex Jaeger - Bagas Wicaksono - David Yee - Ken Schultz - Marc Gabbana - Mitch Thompson - Roel Robles



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