Fonco designs, fabricates and shoots just about anything you can imagine, usually the unusual or difficult to find.


Stop Motion Designing, Fabricating & Shooting, Miniatures & Puppets

Machete Ozzy Eminem Coconut Potters

Modern, Historical, Photoreal & Stylized Architectural Models

Dubai City Street Alley
Western Town Snowscape

Modern, Historical, Photoreal & Stylized Vehicle Miniatures

Ozzy Eminem Destroyer model


Fox doll Machete Giant iPhone Paintball anti aircraft cannon
Molds Trebuchet

Creatures & Characters

miniature astronaut Cougar Town Cougar Town Figures
Gingerbread Family robots Dragon Alien Heads



Ozzy Symantec Cloud Desert Camo MORAV Crew

Miniature & Full Scale Sets

Scrooge's office preschool puppet theater

Special Effects

Kygo Kygo BTS Machete Tornado

Mock-ups & Card Models

Mockup Hotel Room Mockup Lobby


Product Development Design & Prototyping

Usagi Usagi SciFi Rifle Rock Chair
Pyramid Wine Bottles Stomach Model

Design & Prototyping of Technologies

miniature 3d camera miniature 3d camera bullet time rig 3d scanned and 3d printed head  


Crew Gifts and Awards

miniature 3d camera miniature 3d camera 3d scanned and 3d printed head Scrooge bullet time rig

Restoration & Licensed Recreation of Historical Props & Miniatures

Tucker Car Model Titanic Miniature Black Pearl

Robots & Animatronics

Robot Tsuit Mouser


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