3D Printing

Our high resolution 3D scanner captures objects in full color with multi-laser precision. 3D scanning is used to create an exact copy of a physical object in the computer as a 3D computer model. These scans are commonly used as reference while modeling in the computer. 3D scans can also be scaled or modified in the computer and then turned in to plans or a 3D prints.

Most of the actual work in 3D scanning is in the time it takes to align and fuse the multiple scans that make up a complete computer model. 3D scans typicaly cost in the area of $150 to $1500 depending on the size and complexity of the model. We will work with you to try and give you options that meet your budget. For example, some time can be saved by scanning and working in a lower resolution.


Our on site 3D printer and 3D scanner give us the ability to scan, re-scale and print almost anything

Dino 3d ScanDino

This sculpture was too big to use as the final prototye, so we did a 3D scan, shrunk the computer model and 3D printed it in the correct size.


Action Figure

Here is a 3D head scan that had a socket modeld on to and 3D printed to fit an action figure.


Here is a 3D head scan that was reduced to 5" tall and 3D printed to use as character design reference.

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